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The Mission of the FBC "Astana Kurylis" LLP is to provide construction projects with investors, provide technical renovation and efficient project management on the basis of professionalism, and also implementation of the modern technologies into management process.

It is to become the first customer choice in construction and technical re-equipping of the commercial and industrial facilities. Be able to optimally implement projects for the construction of large objects with complex architecture and height, construction of manufacturing plants, hazardous production facilities, complex engineering objects, and cultural objects.

The activity of the FBC "Astana Kurylis" LLP is based on values, which are the basis for construction and technical activities worldwide:
  • Надежность и безопасность конструкций
  • Reliability and Safety of structures
  • Efficiency of the projects
  • Professional competence of the staff
  • Cooperation with the specialists in business directions
  • Fulfillment of the Company's obligations
FBC "Astana Kurylis" LLP observes requirements of the guidance documents issued by the executive bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our desire to be in front and become the best engineers is based on the implementation strategy of the six key benefits:

Personal competence and self-perfection
To continuously maintain our knowledge on highest level on all key competences required for us for successful projects implementation. To have all the necessary databases and keep them up-to-date. To maintain and develop the knowledge base of the company. To train the company staff. To improve corporate project management system and skills of use of machinery and non-destructive measuring equipment.

Customer orientation. Creation of a new value
We offer products and services at the best price-performance ratio, focusing on the needs of our customers and with a constant creation a new value.

Corporate social responsibility
We have the necessary licenses for the construction activities, we pay taxes and care about the environment and our employees. For the results of our activities, we are responsible to Kazakhstan - the country where we work, to its executive bodies, residents, our employees, our business partners and the public in whole.

Presence with global opportunities
FBC "Astana Kurylis" LLP - is the company from Kazakhstan, which knows peculiarities of the Kazakh legislation, the local market and the consumers. In our work we use the advanced software, which allows us to best manage the very complex projects.

Coverage of market
FBC "Astana Kurylis" LLP seeks to expand its activities through increased portfolio on large, most complex and responsible projects and increased services range, both by the company and its affiliates. FBC "Astana Kurylis" LLP has a wide geographical coverage of the market in fulfilling contracts throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

Co-operation and Exchange
We continuously maintain contacts with other companies and professionals in certain areas, both Russian and foreign, share experience with them. We bring the best of external experts, where they are needed, cooperating our capabilities with those of our partners.

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