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FBC "Astana Kurylis" LLP is founded in 1997 in the former construction industry system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the initiative of leading construction associations, organizations and individuals engaged in construction.

Leading construction organizations and enterprises producing building materials and structures of the former Ministry of Construction of Heavy Industry Enterprises of the Kazakh SSR, which established the Company, have more than fifty years of history of construction of industrial and civilian objects and are the founders of the of productive capacities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Over the past 50 years they commissioned hundreds of the largest enterprises and manufacturing facilities.

The main focus of the Company is the realization of large-scale construction programmes on the contractual basis at both the territory of Kazakhstan and abroad.

The Company possesses the necessary production capacities and infrastructure in the construction fields, including roads and transfer devices. Being simultaneously the shareholder of a number of the largest construction companies in regions of the Republic, the Company has the ability to use their capacities also.

Within the executive office, as well as production offices and directly at contract construction sites the Company employs highly skilled construction specialists at all levels of the construction management, having long-term experience of the organization and management of large construction projects.

With the remaining close production relations, continuity and mutually beneficial cooperation with civil-engineering organizations, as well as with the executors of assembly and special construction works on contract basis, the Company is able to build in a holistic manner, regardless of the complexity and volumes of work, involving the necessary number of employees, construction equipment, machinery and equipment from any region of the Republic.

The Company's experience in design and construction of any complexity, rich local and foreign relations, create the possibility of providing all kinds of services, and diversified business activity allows the Company to look into the future with optimism.

FBC "Astana Kurylis" Limited Liability Partnership provides practically unlimited possibilities for the supply of the construction sites with materials, structures and products.

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