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The protection of the environment is the system of measures aimed at maintaining the interaction between human activities and the environment, providing the conservation and restoration of natural wealth, natural resources, preventing of harmful influence of the social activities to the nature and human health. Problems of environment and natural resources protection consist of a set of governmental, international and social activities.

Violation of natural ecological balances and overload of ecosystems are causes many of irreversible processes occurring in the natural environment. It is clear that such radical changes pose a real threat to the existence of mankind. First of all, the deteriorating quality of life that is mainly due to the deterioration of human health, conditions of work and rest, loss of working hours as a result of increased morbidity due to environmental pollution. All these reduce the effectiveness of the use of labor resources.

FBC "Astana Kurylis" LLP strictly monitors
  • The quality of building materials that meet international standards;
  • The recycling of industrial and household wastes;
  • The compliance with standards in the production of construction works and domestic service of working and technical personnel.
FBC "Astana Kurylis" LLP complies with all rules and requirements for construction organizations and does not harm the environment with its activities.

Titanium-magnesium plant in Ust-Kamenogorsk

Operating settlement
for 8000 people in the village of Tengiz, Atyrau region

Zhezkhazganredmet plant
Main building

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