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The Company specialists, equipped with the necessary equipment, machines and mechanisms are able to perform all work package on erection of industrial, civil and housing buildings and facilities, from the design and production of construction materials and structures, till the performance of installation and commissioning works turnkey.

Machines, mechanisms and equipment 
Single-bucket excavator (0,25 м3 - 5 м3)34 units
Bulldozers (75 HP - 380 HP)54 units
Scrapers10 units
Pneumatic cranes (16 tons - 60 tons)16 units
Crawler cranes (25 tons - 60 tons)8 units
Road cranes (6,3 tons - 25 tons)40 units
Tower cranes60 units
Gantry crane12 units
Pipe-laying machine8 units
Asphalt paver6 units
Motor grader14 units
Pile driver8 units
Welding machines42 units
Mobile power plants with the capacity of 30-100 kW.-
Heavy-weight trailers with carrying capacity of 18-60 tons12 units
Dump trucks126 units
On-board cars and vans87 units
Special cars24 units
Bolster-type tractor18 units

Atyrau Petroleum Refinery

Residential complex
with integrated facilities and parking on Sary-Arka st. in Astana

Karaganda CHP-2

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